A Morning with Bailey Araiza

A Morning with Bailey Araiza

Meet Bailey Araiza - model, content creator, and fellow wellness enthusiast. We're so excited to have her as a part of our Re-Active community. Follow along with her morning wellness tips below!


1. Take us along into a morning before work with Bailey. What does that look like for you?

I work from home but my days start around 7am so I’m out of bed by 6am. I have a big glass of water and then I’ll do my morning skincare. I try to not go on my phone till this is done! 
Take my dog out & either grab a matcha or make one! Then I’ll write in my planner to organize my day or even a journal to organize my thoughts. If I have extra time I’ll practice gratitude which is a habit I’m really working on. 
To be frank there is some days I’m rolling out of bed last minute and immediately jumping on a work call. We all have those days toooo.


2. What is your favorite type of movement right now? 

Right now I love walks! They help with my anxiety too. I also LOVE barre classes, they leave me feeling so strong and beautiful. 
Also hot yoga!! When I can.


3. What makes you passionate about wellness? Describe your journey as a creator in this specific space.

I’ve always loved wellness. I use to beg my mom to take me to Whole Foods so I could pick out fresh juices & new vitamins. Working out and focusing on my health has always helped me feel in control. 
As far as mental wellness I’ve really found my go-to’s. I recently signed up for better help and having someone to talk to weekly has been super positive for me. For an unwind I’ll do long skincare, mediating, reading, or even clean (lol).  


4. What is your go to tip for a successful morning? How do you give yourself grace when you've had a not so great start? 

My tip would be to drink a big glass of water and just start your day with something you like to do. I love starting my day with writing! I have a daily planner I’ll organize all my thoughts and tasks for the day in. Also going outside! I have a balcony so being able to sit in the sun for a bit with fresh air is so nice.
On days I’m feeling not so great I always call a friend or my boyfriend. Calling my best-friends always makes me feel soooo much better. That or playing with my dog. Helps me so much to feel love from others/ (my dog) and remember I can love myself the same way. 


5. Would you like to shout out any brands that have made your mornings extra special lately? 

Kin Organics or Chamberlain Coffee matcha 
Skin Gym Gua Shua (facial tools>)
Tatcha Lip Mask


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