A Morning with Sloan Byrd

A Morning with Sloan Byrd

We're so excited to announce our very first Re-Active community feature. After having the pleasure to ask her a few questions, she's the perfect balance between what it means to find joy in your own personal wellness routine. Meet the gorgeous model and content creator, Sloan Byrd! 


1. Take us along into a morning before work with Sloan. What does that look like for you?

My morning before work always starts anytime between 6 & 8 AM. On the days that I’m working, I like to do some major de-puffing before I get on set, such as using my favorite face roller that I stick in the freezer overnight. Next, I either make myself avocado toast, or if I’m in a rush, oatmeal. After I hop in the shower & do my skincare routine, I’m out the door! 


2. What is your favorite type of movement right now? 

My favorite type of movement right now would most definitely have to be hot pilates. I go to Shine Hot Pilates 2-3 times a week. 


3. What makes you passionate about wellness? Describe your journey as a creator in this specific space.

Ever since I started modeling almost 4 years ago, I really began to prioritize all things health & wellness. It’s been my job to take care of myself, & as a creator, my audience being inspired by my lifestyle has motivated me even more to constantly be the best version of myself! 


4. What is your go to tip for a successful morning? How do you give yourself grace when you've had a not so great start? 

My go to tip for a successful morning, especially when I’ve had a not so great start, is listening to music!!! 


5. Would you like to shout out any brands that have made your mornings extra special lately? 

I love my Peter Thomas Roth Hydra-Gel Eye Patches, my face roller from Skin Gym & my Teddy Robe from Pottery Barn!!!


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