A Morning With Taly Mancuso

A Morning With Taly Mancuso

1. Take us along into a morning before work with Taly. What does that look like for you?

I absolutely love my mornings. I love to wake up early and I love to move my body first thing. My mornings usually look like waking up early around 6 or 6:30, going for a walk or to the gym, shower, skincare, and breakfast. I’m not much of a coffee girl but I LOVE matcha, so a matcha latte is always a must. I’ve been so obsessed with yogurt bowls for breakfast lately, so those have been on repeat. My go-to recipe is coconut yogurt, vanilla protein powder, and cinnamon, with cereal, cacao nibs, and lots of fruit on top.


2. What is your favorite type of movement right now?

I’ve been loving pilates, walking, and running. Low impact movement always makes me feel my best, and pilates and walking make me feel so toned and good. But every now and then a little boost of endorphins on a run is the best feeling!


3. What makes you passionate about wellness - describe your journey as a creator in this specific space.

My health and wellness journey began with my skin, in high school I got really bad acne and turned to changing my eating habits to clear it up. From there I started learning more about nutrition, health, and exercise and I got really into it. I went through ups and downs with my health journey and dealing with a bad relationship with food and exercise, but I am happy where I am and at a place where I feel really good about it. Learning how to really take care of my body has helped grow my confidence so much more. i think when you build that trust with yourself of being disciplined enough to take care of yourself, it builds your confidence. I started my account as a little food diary and it slowly grew into a little creative outlet for me to just be myself and share anything and everything I want to. Social media can be a really negative space, but my account is the one space where I never feel drained from it. I feel inspired from the accounts I follow, I love the little community I have on there, and it’s just a space where I can really be myself.


4. What is your go to tip for a successful morning? How do you give yourself grace when you've had a not so great start?

My go to tip is to have a routine that you look forward to. I thrive on a routine and it just keeps me grounded. Everyone’s routine is going to look a little different, but having one that is full of habits you enjoy is the key to a good morning. I’m good at being hard on myself, so giving myself grace is something I’m working on. It always helps me to take a moment to step back and take a breather. Sometimes I feel like I’m always staying busy with something, so I’ve been finding it really important to step back and slow down every now and then.


5. Would you like to shout out any brands that have made your mornings extra special lately?

I take a @seed probiotic every morning and it has done wonders for my gut health. Gut health is so underrated but it is so important. It affects everything from your skin, energy, digestion, mood, and so much more. I take it with water on an empty stomach every morning before any food, and i love it!


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